Monday, August 27, 2018

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“The Super Bowl of Scouting - Boy Scouts Summer Camp”

I knew that crossing over and entering Boy Scouts will give me many exciting experiences, but I never thought that going to a seven day long summer camp, miles away from home in another state, would be one of them!

Troop 12 attended 2018 summer camp held in Rhode Island, called Camp Yawgoog which was established in 1916. “According to local tradition, Yawgoog was the name of Narragansett Native American Chief”.

I think that I was better prepared for this camping, part learning from my previous mistakes and part, my troop leaders doing a phenomenal job preparing us through troop demos and summer camp meetings. The packing checklist and backpacks checked by the leaders were the first step to a successful summer camp.

The morning of the drop off day, it was a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. I never stayed away from home for an entire week, but at the same time, I couldn’t wait to do new activities.

When I reached the camp, we had a welcome ceremony. We then walked to our campsites. The first thing that caught my eye were huge platforms with cots and canopies on top. After we settled in our tents, we had a campfire and did some skits. We retired for the day and it was fun to sleep in bunk style cots with bug nets. Next day, we started our day with breakfast. Although we didn’t cook but we helped serve the food. And the food was good. The staff made sure that we were well fed. Next day, everyone had to take their swimming test in the lake.

Canoeing was probably the best merit badge I did at summer camp. When I heard that we have to capsize our canoes in the lake, I was so scared, and wanted to turn back. When we went to the lake, I was more scared than ever. It probably took me an hour to even stand up in the canoe to start the tilt! But then I gathered courage and stood on one side of the canoe; once the canoe started to tilt there was no going back, and, in I went. Going in the water was so fun that I didn’t want to leave!

There were several other merit badges and everyone was having a good time.

I learned a new game called Gaga Ball. Although I only won once, it was still fun to play -- especially when I got the big guys out!

I went to archery, which was fun too! After an hour lesson, we shot arrows, and soon enough, I cleared the archery merit badge shooting requirement in just 3 days!

The days came and went, and I realized that along with all the fun, the homesickness was getting real, although my twin brother was right with me. With the help of my leaders, my twin brother and fellow scouts, I managed to overcome it. I made new friends, I learned new skills and I earned bunch of merit badges too.

On the last day, the recognition ceremony began, and everybody was cheerful and happy. We packed our bags as we got ready to go back to home. Soon as I saw my dad, I ran to him with pride, joy and satisfaction, as I gave him a big bear hug. Although, I missed mom and dad, it was all worth it, and I can't wait to do it again!


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