Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Donate Now to Friends of Scouting and Help Troop 12!

Dear Scouting Family:

The Friends of Scouting (FOS) annual appeal supports Troop 12 and our local council directly. Troop 12 benefits from FOS as contributions made help us earn discounts on all the awards we purchase for our Scouts. This is very important to our troop budget!

Due to last year's success, our 2018 Troop 12 FOS Goal is $4,100. So far, we have raised $2,936.00, which is only 71% of our goal achieved. If we exceed our unit FOS goal by 10% ($4,510 total) by June 30 and have gifts from at least 30% of our troop families, we will receive 50% off rank advancement patches and we will earn a $150 credit in our troop scout shop account! Don’t miss this chance to have your contribution help out Troop 12. 

Patriots' Path Council also uses the contributions made through the FOS campaign to:
  • Maintain camp properties (Winnebago, Somers, and Mount Allamuchy) and service centers (Cedar Grove and Mountainside)
  • Organize new Scouting units and support existing ones 
  • Provide professional support and leader training 
  • Distribute program resources and regular communications 
  • Conduct criminal background checks for adult leaders 
Our Scouts have had, and will continue to have, many wonderful outdoor adventures through our local scouting program. These adventures are only possible through the selfless volunteers working the programs and the generosity of the many scouters and scout families that have come before us.

Please think about how much Scouting has meant to you and your Scouts, and consider a contribution to the extent that your personal financial situation allows. If you could support one scout for a year ($164), that would be great! If you can petition your employer for a company matching gift – fantastic! If you're not sure if your employer has a matching gift or volunteer grant program, you can check that out here: If you can only pledge a few dollars – that’s fine too. Any and all donations and pledges are gratefully accepted.

Thank You Gifts 
  • As a thank you for everyone who makes a gift of ANY amount, you will receive a BSA car window cling. 
  • With a gift between $75 and $499, you will receive a coupon that can be redeemed in the Scout Shop for a Camp Masters’ Carmel 8oz tin or $5.00 off a retail popcorn purchased between November 1 and March 31. 
  • With a gift of $164 or more, receive this Scout Law new series Patriots’ Path Council shoulder patch. 
  • With a gift of $328 or more, receive a Founders’ series shoulder patch. 
  • With a gift between $500-999 you will receive a Deluxe Pocket Scout Knife. 
  • With a gift between $1000 and $1,909 you will receive a Osprey Daylite Pack. 
  • With a gift of $1910 or more you will receive this Compact Travel Chair. 
Thanks in advance for your generosity. And an extra special thank you to the families in our troop that have already given a 2018 FOS donation!

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