What is Scoutbook?

Scoutbook is a web application designed for any device. Scoutbook delivers a suite of easy-to-use Web-based tools that are helpful to Scouts, parents and unit leaders. It enables units to better communicate, update records, track advancement and manage activities. In addition to the Scout Handbook, Scouts can track their advancement and awards and view their progress in one easy to use interface.

Connecting to Scoutbook for Adults and Leaders

Find your invitation email from Scoutbook sent by Troop 12.  If you haven't received one just ask us to resend the invitation. Once received, use the temporary password and your email address to log in. Once logged in, set a new password and you will be brought to the Scoutbook Dashboard. Here you can update your profile and account information as well as enter all of your Scout related information such as Positions, Training, Merit Badges you are a counselor for and even your own camping log.

Giving Your Scout Access to Scoutbook

No one can give a scout access to Scoutbook, except a parent who has already been registered in Scoutbook and linked to their son. The scout must also have an email address of their own. There are a few steps to follow, but it starts with the parent having an account in Scoutbook. All parents of Troop 12 have received an invite to join our Scoutbook site.  If you can not find your invite, contact us. Log into Scoutbook and select the “My Dashboard”. Under the “My Family” section, you should see a record for your son. Click on the record with your son's name which will bring up his full record. Scrolling down you’ll see his ranks, merit badges and awards followed by additional menu items starting with “Profile”. Click on “Profile” and scroll to the very bottom. At the bottom, there is a button labeled “Invite {your son's name} to Connect”. Click on this and you’ll be asked for your son's email address. Fill this in and send. You can follow-up with him that he received the invite. That’s it. This will allow him to sign-up for events, comment in discussions and mark off his own requirements (they still need to be approved by a leader).