Become A Merit Badge Counselor

Merit Badge Counselor Registration

  1. Must complete an Adult Application with a Position Code of "42". Position Code location on form is on the lower left near the bottom.
    • Fill in the Circle for "Troop" and the Unit Number (0012) at the top of the page.
    • Include Council (Patriot's Path Council) and District (Raritan Valley District) names at the top.
    • For "position (description)," write "merit badge counselor."
    • For "position code," write "42." (Code #42 = Merit badge counselor)
    • Complete the entire the form.
    • Sign and date at the bottom.
    • Include at least one unit signature (committee chair and/or chartered organization representative) on the right side of the form.
    • Provide your Social Security Number. This is mandatory. The application will not be processed without it.
    • There is no fee to register as a merit badge counselor. 
  2. Must complete the Merit Badge Counselor Information form
    • Include all personal information requested.
    • List the merit badge(s) you want to teach.
    • IMPORTANT: Provide a brief summary of your qualifications in the box provided for Vocation, Avocation, or Special Training. Use the back of the form or an attachment if necessary.
    • This is how the district and council will determine your proficiency to teach a badge.
    • Indicate whether you want to work only with a specific unit or all units in the district.
    • Sign and date at the bottom.
  3. Complete the Youth Protection Online Training.
  4. When Forms are completed, you may turn them into the Committee Chair for processing.