Thursday, May 4, 2023

Troop 12 Recent Updates

Community Service

Recently, Troop 12 has been involved in many community service projects.

4-22-23: Earth Day 

Every year, Lake Papapainni Park celebrates Earth Day by cleaning up the park, followed by fun activities such as flower planting, rock wall climbing, fishing derby, and a mini farmers market.

4-15-23: Hands of Hope food collection

Hands of Hope has many volunteer opportunities every month. For more information, visit

4-8-23: Rohit Karthickeyan's Star Rank Leadership Project

Rohit hosted a leadership project this spring break. The main goal of the project was to clean up Winter Street Park. 

Upcoming community service projects: Hands of Hope food collection (5-6-23), Silver Lake cleanup (5-6-23)

Community Service Form

Scout Skills

There are many resources to learn scout skills, but our Senior Patrol Leader Ruhaan Doshy and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Shohum Raina created a "Scouting Skills Guide" to help our scouts learn/brush up on their scouting skills. All information in this presentation is taken directly from the scoutbook. Just click on the QR codes, and it will take you to a Google Doc or Youtube video. 

Troop 12 Scouting Skills Guide

Court of Awards

On March 23, 2023, Troop 12 had their Court of Awards, where all scouts who either ranked up or earned a merit badge receives the respective badges of their award. The scouts who rank up are given a pin which is placed on their parents collar. We congratulate all the scouts who worked so hard for their awards.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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