Monday, January 13, 2020

Our Scoutmaster

Mr. Sudnick, our former scoutmaster, transitioned into a new role, but his legacy will continue...

Troop 12 is grateful for having Mr. Sudnick, a great scoutmaster and leader, who made Troop 12 the best troop in the area! When we were still in cub scouts, we visited many different troops, but there was one troop that stood out. There was one troop whose leadership influenced me and the reason why I decided to join. Mr. Sudnick has dedicated his time to scouting, planning activities, believing in us, and being an inspiration to many scouts and adult leaders. Mr. Sudnick is a very active person who is involved in his community. Although we may not see you often, we will continue your legacy by making scouting strong and vibrant.

-Shohum Raina
Troop 12 Webmaster  

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